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September 16, 2020

Neumann Taylor Homeland Security

Homeland Security Virtual Discussion with Elizabeth Neumann & Miles Taylor

Elizabeth Neumann, former DHS Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention, and Miles Taylor, former DHS Chief of Staff, joined 43 Alumni for Biden on Wednesday, September 16,

September 11, 2020

NBC News

9/11 anniversary highlights Trump’s failures as America faces a new crisis — from within

Trump represents an existential threat to our Constitution. That’s why hundreds of my

September 3, 2020


Nearly 100 Prominent Republicans And Independents Endorse Joe Biden For President

In early July, a group of ex-Cabinet secretaries and White House officials who served in the

September 3, 2020


Exclusive: Biden garners more Republican endorsements, this time from ex-governors

Other anti-Trump groups include 43 Alumni for Biden, comprised of hundreds of officials who

August 27, 2020

43 Alumni for Biden News

Bush Cabinet and Administration Officials Publicly Endorse Biden

43 Alumni for Biden represent the breadth and diversity of what used to be the Republican Party

August 26, 2020


Bush, McCain and Romney presidential staffers unite behind effort to elect Joe Biden

POLITICO also received in advance a letter from Bush alumni supporting Biden, whose signatories

August 26, 2020

Governor John Kasich

Virtual Conversation with Governor John Kasich

Fresh off his appearance at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, former Governor John

August 20, 2020

Bill Kristol

Virtual Discussion with Bill Kristol, RVAT

Longtime conservative Bill Kristol, Founding Director of Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT)

August 18, 2020


All The Republicans Who Have Endorsed Joe Biden For President

Numerous Republican media figures, campaign strategists and government officials have even

August 18, 2020

PBS News Hour

VIDEO: How anti-Trump Republicans are working to defeat him

Rosario Marin: I’m going to vote for Joe Biden because whatever I may disagree with him

July 1, 2020

43 Alumni for Biden News

43 Alumni Launch National PAC Effort to Support Joe Biden

Organizers Pledge to Engage and Mobilize Disenchanted GOP Voters WASHINGTON, DC –​ Hundreds of

October 21, 2020

Glassman Collins - National Security - Zoom 102020

Virtual Discussion with Jim Glassman & Joseph Collins, National Security

43 Alumni for Biden and National Security Leaders for Biden co-hosted an interactive virtual

October 21, 2020

The Daily Beast

How Biden Is Closing the Deal With Republican Apostates

Bush-era Republicans are arguably the most ardent foot soldiers on the right helping to elect

October 20, 2020


Nearly 600 Prominent Republicans Voting for Joe Biden

Calling themselves 43 Alumni for Biden, 250 former George W. Bush campaign and administration

October 16, 2020

The Washington Post

George W. Bush alumni invoke his image in new pro-Biden ad

A new ad from the group, “43 Alumni for Biden,” is called “Team 46” … The digital-only ad

October 16, 2020

43 Alumni for Biden News

43 Alumni for Biden Launches Digital Media Campaign Targeting Lifelong Republicans

We Are Americans First; Voting for Character, Empathy, Leadership, and Experience FOR IMMEDIATE

October 12, 2020

Jamie Brown Hantman

Is “But the Judges” Still Enough?

By Jamie Brown Hantman Former Special Assistant to the President, White House Former Acting


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